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     In 2012, I was living the American dream in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I had done everything right, college degree, military service, grad school, government job, and a very comfortable life. Yet, despite living the "dream," I wasn't happy. My soul longed for something more, something of substance, something that was me, my dream. I lived with this desire until one day at work I couldn't take it anymore. The Earth moved beneath my feet, lifted me up, and set a fire right there. Immediately I handed in my job, told them I quit, and never looked back.


     That day I gave everything up and devoted my life to my camera. Inspired by the lines in the Invictus poem, "I am the Master of my Fate. I am the Captain of my Soul," I gave every waking moment to my pursuit of photography. For four years I spent eight to twelve hours a day mastering my craft. 


     Looking back I made the right choice. That day in 2012 birthed Leo York Photos and gave life to my soul. My photos are an extension of my heart, my passion, and the vibrations of my destiny. A photo is timeless, it represents your journey. I want to capture that journey and give you a little piece of your journey.

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