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Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Available for travel.




My journey to capture photographs and film began with a desire to learn and understand the world around me. The ability to explore my surroundings with my camera, stopping moments of time with each click, that could later be observed and clarified with meaning.

Captain America.jpg

A man dressed up as Captain America hoping to earn more money as he entertained on the streets of Seattle.

I set out to document the many human emotions, struggles, beauty, and activities to give myself some understanding of this world I randomly appeared on one day. Documenting my world so that maybe others could further their understanding through what my eye has captured, creating my own time capsule that could possibly explain who I was if anyone cared to peek in. 


"The contrast of our lives can be captured and understood with one picture."

A van settled on the outskirts of Albuquerque was there home. Jobless for over two years they fought daily to survive by hustling on the streets.

"The progression of our lives reveals itself in every photo."


My camera is the lens into my soul. My photos are my values and the beliefs I hold in this world. They are the history of my existence and the memories I hold so dear. I am a photographer.

Come...explore my world.

What I Do

Explore My World
3.  Landscape
4.  Film


Photographing the daily events of your neighborhood, city, country, or the world can bring both incredible joy and incredible sadness. Yet, despite the outcome there are always valuable lessons to be learned. I strive to find the lesson in every photo I take.

Riot in Ferguson, Missouri.jpg

A man looks on as another man is gassed by police in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri in 2014

When it comes to the small and big things in the world, thats often where you find humanity. Its in the middle where things get questionable for society.

blue eye.jpg

I look for character. Too often society wants us to conform to certain beauty standards which strip us of our unique features. But those that don't conform, those are the people I want to capture.


Two men I captured at a Trump Rally in Vancouver, Washington in 2017.

"Walking the streets with my camera has taught me more about the world then anything else. I learned to appreciate the beauty right in front of me and the people that walked right beside me."

afro 2.jpg
Old Cowboy portrait by Leo York Photos

People make the world special. I think we forget that sometimes. Life has us rushing around, never stopping to look, breathe, and take it all in. Yet, when you do, that's when you notice something special.



Commercial photography allows your imagination to run wild. You get to create worlds, bring ideas to life, manipulate light, and work to create the image that first began as a thought in your mind.


Nothing beats natural light. That glow that just hits the skin, bringing every pigment to life. When you get good natural light, you just have to look up and thank the Sun.


I cannot tell you how much I love the sky. It is quite a lot. That is why landscape plays such a large part in my photos. I believe the backdrop is just as essential to the photo as the person. Its a fine balance of bringing the two together in just the right way to create something beautiful.


"We might not have half the photos in the world if it wasn't for beautiful architecture."

Tokyo Night.jpg
tess small.jpg
dan 1.jpg

The beauty of black and white photos touches me in ways color never could.

_LEO1323 (1).jpg


There is nothing better than finding a beautiful landscape, setting up your tripod, dialing in your camera exposure just right, and click.....sweet satisfaction.


Hells Canyon, Oregon. A devilish place full of brutal landscape.


Fifty-five photos combined together to show the majesty of lightning.

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